Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Selingan :Team Visit HVAC System : Air conditionning process


Assalamualaikum w.b.t ,

Praise to Allah Almighty for giving us the will and strength as we went through this assingment visit.The project is one of the prerequisite and we decided to select “Process Air Conditioning in Science and Technology building” as our project.

First of all, we would like to thanks and showing our highest appreciation to our lecturer, Doctor Ismarani bt Ismail who has give us a worth advise and supervision in manner to complete this mini project. PM Doctor Haji Zainazlan b Md Zin to assist for giving us the data we need to complete our report.
Actually,ermm..hehe kat sini i would like to show some video yg ringkas wat main2 mase visit ari tue..(thanks to Mahathir B. Mat yg wat kan movie nie)

huhu..sempat la jgak,dlam presentation kitaorg,video nie main peranan jgak la..
(wahh..best la korang...thanks la sume..alhamdulillah)
ermm..rasenye byk yg hendak diceritakan but xleh nk digambarkan dlm penceritaan kali nie..wekkk..mcm2 la...anyway this is low quality video, klau korang berminat tgk la..
(bukan sy yg wat..1 of my group yg rajin sgt nie wat kan..n suruh kami sume presentkan skali video nie..fuh~ lame pulak tue..hehe)
ok xde apa2 lagi..just want to says Alhamdulillah..thanks baca post kali nie..huhu

The element of HVAC system is:
- Chiller
- Cooling Tower
- Ice Cell Storage
- Heat Exchanger
- Air-Conditioning Units (AHU ,FCU)


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